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Contributions to Open Source Projects July to September 2023

  • Community, OS Contributions

The emlix team has yet again made several contributions to open source projects in the last few months, fixing problems and improving code.

A demo project to run couchdb in qemu has been published on GitHub

Together with Elektrobit we have created Crinit, the Configurable Rootfs Init, cominit, a compact init for initramfs, and
elos, an event logging and management system.

Crinit was presented on FrOSCon 2023, a recording is available

The CMake code of json-c has been cleaned up

Suggestions for improvements of the LinuxKernelCVEs data happen regularly, this time regarding CVE-2020-26140, CVE-2020-26142,

CVE-2020-26143, CVE-2023-32250, CVE-32254,

and other ksmbd related issues, CVE-2023-33951,

CVE-2023-35693, CVE-2023-3389, and CVE-36766.