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Contributions to Open Source Projects April to June 2023

  • Community, OS Contributions

The emlix team has yet again made several contributions to open source projects in the last few months, fixing problems and improving code.

Another upstreaming attempt has been made to add support for the Maxim MAX7317 GPIO expander and document that

The GitLab command line client glab was missing a newline in it’s output and has some inconsistent behavior. 

The git command line client crashed when formatting output with signature information, which got fixed for git 2.41.0

Crashes in the KDevelop IDE were reported when creating 2 new files and when modifying QML files

Suggestions for improvements of the LinuxKernelCVEs data happen regularly, this time regarding CVE-2017-1000405, CVE-2022-48502,
CVE-2023-2008, CVE-2023-2156, CVE-2023-31081, and CVE-2023-33250.